A Partnership Journey with Novac Technologies


At the forefront of digital transformation, Novac Technologies faced the challenge of maintaining a seamlessly efficient and secure work environment amidst rapid technological advancements. The need for a partner capable of aligning with their vision for holistic security and facility management became paramount.


From day one, VISCO immersed itself in understanding Novac Technologies’ unique requirements. Leveraging expertise in facility management services, a customised solution was implemented. Comprehensive services, covering access control, surveillance, environmental monitoring, and maintenance, aimed not just to meet but exceed industry standards.


The collaborative efforts resulted in Novac Technologies operating in a seamlessly secure environment with well-maintained facilities. The streamlined day-to-day operations have positioned them as a leader in the tech industry.

Client Testimonial

“At Novac Technologies, we consider VISCO not just a service provider but a strategic partner in our journey. Their commitment to excellence and innovative solutions has significantly contributed to our success. Together, as VISCO and Novac Technologies, we are not just managing facilities; we are shaping the future of work.”

At VISCO, we thrive on fostering partnerships that drive success. By delivering tailored security and facility management solutions, we empower our clients to achieve their operational objectives seamlessly. Contact us today to explore how VISCO can elevate the security and efficiency of your business.

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